wtorek, 20 maja 2008

Sunny Day by Konishi Manami

What spilled out
Wasn’t a tear but a praying voice
What I looked up at
Was the sun above the clouds

I was living like I was asleep
I was always alone
Until the day I met you
I was always, always here

Even if there’s a love song
I could sing by myself
This warmth from the touch of your arms
Can’t be found alone

If I had put on a mask
Then I felt I might have forgotten
I shut away my memories
And locked them in a box

Even in that dark place
I was able to find you
Even if I can’t return
I’ll keep going farther, farther

Even if there’s a love song
That recalls loneliness
I can’t reach it alone
So I’ll walk out once more
Toward the door to tomorrow
With you…

I’ll transform sadness
Into kindness
And someday
Once I’ve set my true self free
The pain will disappear
I know it

I don’t need a love song
I can sing by myself anymore
I can’t find it alone
But with you I know
We can find a place where the sun shines
A tomorrow I’ve never seen

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